Where I Am From

By Cash Smigel

I am from where the summers are hot and the winters are cool

From dreaming to doing what I want

And the same expectations follow. For all of us

From busy parents to snow days off work and school

To going back to see the ones we love and look up to

We are humans

We are free

We are who we want to be

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

Welcome Parents and Students to our 6th Grade Science Blog! My name is Mr. Tim Houlton and I’m honored to be teaching your children in 6th Grade Science this year!  This week we will be building connections with lab partners and next week we will work on lab safety before we start our first investigation. Students will run our blog page.  I will send updates weekly as a reminder to check out our blog. Please check out some posts from last year which can be seen below my picture. I’m looking forward to a phenomenal year!!